Change Your Attitude to Change
Their "No" Into a "Yes"

Joseph T. Prock

July 2019 • 5 min read

When no might mean…maybe

Being a skilled comfort advisor requires time, practice, and patience. Like any profession, the more you practice and learn the more effective you will become. The five techniques outlined here will help you build a sound sales foundation.

Here are five techniques to help you get to yes:

Know your customer: Take time to do your research. Who is your customer, what are they looking for? Get an idea of what product(s) you may recommend and why. Be prepared to discuss why your products and services beat the competition.

Don’t make a sales pitch, help make the air perfect for your customer: Try listening more than talking, you’ll become a more effective communicator. You can’t learn the customers’ needs if you’re doing all the talking. Let the customer explain their service needs so you can establish a rapport and a shared sense of understanding.

Know your product line: It’s hard to get homeowners excited about your products if you’re not excited about them yourself. Know your products thoroughly before you make a sales call. A good technique to sell homeowners on your products is through storytelling. People like stories — tell a story that features your product, and how it solved a customer’s problem.

Be prepared for the unexpected: Obstacles are necessary for success. Effective comfort advisors are confident in their ability to make the sale but they are humble enough to know that they need a backup plan. A common roadblock to a sale is the potential customer saying, “I don’t think we can afford this now.” Instead of this statement backing you into a corner, think of it as an opportunity. If your business offers financing then it’s the perfect time to introduce this option.

Follow up: Sales opportunities can be lost when comfort advisors neglect to follow up after the call. If you left a customer's home without a firm commitment all is not lost. You can make yourself stand out by sending a thank you note for the appointment, a coupon or a special offer. If the homeowner asked for more information, send it to them with a follow up call. It’s another chance to ask for their business.

Look at every sales encounter and every rejection as a learning opportunity. Analyze and study your sales approach:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • How does your behavior influence your sales?
  • Practice your pitches in the mirror, record your rehearsals, and prepare your  responses to common objections.
  • Knowing how your voice and expressions change as you talk about different things can help you gain better control of them, and improve the quality of your in-person, video chat, email, social media, and phone interactions.

Sometimes selling can get confusing. If you want to achieve success, you have to prepare from both a mental and tactical perspective. If you want a positive outcome when faced with negative situations, dealing properly with “no” can ultimately help you get to “yes.”

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