Charge Higher Prices and Reap the Benefits

Prices aren't the only factor in choosing HVAC companies; it's the quantity and quality of services. Just because your competitor claims lower prices doesn't mean you should lower yours or that lower prices mean instant sales.

Take HVAC industry leader Ron Smith's example in his book, HVAC Spells Wealth. He says that offering longer operational hours (being there for the customer), building a stronger company, and being known as a leader, enabled his company to charge higher prices.

Here are a few ways, according to, to increase your margins:

1.    Supply and Demand

Create a huge demand for your services and your company. This would best be done through great customer referrals and effective marketing to position your company as an HVAC industry expert.

2.    Specialize

The more specialized your services, the more you can charge. For instance, offer extras like HVAC system security and incentives for maintenance agreements.

3.    Add Value

Value doesn't have to cost your company an arm and a leg. The trick is providing a product with a perceived value that is far higher than it costs your company. For example, longer operational hours (instead of stopping appointments at 5 p.m., stop them at 7 p.m., or offer Sunday morning appointments).

4.    Guarantee Happiness

A satisfaction money-back guarantee will help customers feel confident in your product and that they have nothing to lose. In the long run, this will provide greater value to them.

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