Combat Stress During the Holidays

Use these tips to alleviate stress, and make customers your top priority this holiday season.

The pressure of meeting business goals during the holiday season can add extra layers of stress for HVAC sales, service and marketing professionals. As cold weather sets in, you're busier than ever, and you have your own holiday obligations to consider, as well.

Sure, every smart business owner knows it's critical to close out the calendar year strong. Meet your goals and take the pressure off with these five tactics for better customer service and stress relief.

  • Generate new business by contacting past customers to wish them a happy holiday, and offer a “thank you” for their previous business. You may spur more year-end business, or early in the New Year.
  • During the holiday rush, imagine each customer encounter as your special present to that customer. Keep in mind you're meeting the customers’ needs during the holiday season. So rather than the next task on the list, look at each job as a gift you're able to deliver.
  • Give each customer your undivided attention. Homeowners are just as busy as you are during the holidays, and they're likely just as stressed. Focus on each one as you interact so you can deliver a customizable solution that addresses their specific needs.
  • Make time for work and family. Whether it's organizing a Christmas tree farm excursion, or making time for a special family dinner, your loved ones may forgive your longer hours if you also make time for them.
  • Build in exercise and relaxation time during the holiday rush. Good physical and emotional health is beneficial to both you and your family. Now, more than ever, you need to focus on yourself and your health and make the most of your work hours.

Don’t let this holiday season pass you by without letting your customers know how important they are. And be sure to take time for yourself so you can exercise, relieve stress and feel ready to work and have fun.

Naturally, the way to your customers’ hearts is through providing comfort. Make sure you have all your essential equipment for the heating season.

Any type of successful selling involves persuasion techniques. You can offer the best HVAC products and service in town, but it’s still your communication strategies that will sell them.

In this 20-minute online training video, “Using Persuasion Techniques to Boost Sales” we outline five persuasion techniques to give you an edge in the field.

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