Competition Tactics: do what you promise

It's the busy season and your customers have many options - aka, your competitors. Here's how to stay on top of local competition:

Walk the walk

First impressions are crucial to good business and looking professional in uniform is just one piece of the puzzle.

Clean up your company image with some new uniforms. Work shirts can become dingy and tattered after long days on the job; trade in those dull uniforms for crisp new ones. Has your company gone through a recent renovation or makeover? Update your uniforms. Try a different uniform color or change of scenery with a new logo.

A small investment in an updated look cannot only change the overall feel of the company, but your customer reputation.

Talk the talk

Sometimes the best way to stay ahead of your competition is just being you - just better.

Start with asking yourself "Are we staying true to the company's motto and promises?" If your company promises same-day installation, or 24-hour service, make sure those actions are being executed as promised.

Begin recording call details such as wait time, friendliness of dispatchers, and willingness to assist customer complaints. Are there areas that could be improved? Go straight to the source and ask your employees how they think they are representing the company. Are they able to commit?

Following through with commitments is a great starting point for standing out above the competition.

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