Consider external help for HVAC training

Vickie Ashmore is a guest blogger for HVAC Learning Solutions.

Whether you're looking for HVAC technician training, sales training, or business training, bringing in a third party instructor can be a valuable tool. Keep these options in mind when you begin your search:

Dealer training programs

Check out the training options for the brands you already sell. Use product-specific training to get your technicians well versed in what they sell and the differences among products.

Online versus onsite

Want to head out for a lunchtime seminar or would your technicians be better suited working in their own environment? Check for cost-effective options such as webinars and integrated programs (like the blended BuildASalesperson with 3 weeks of online class time, and one week onsite).

Territory managers

It's their job to boost sales in your area anyway; make sure to capitalize on your relationship with your territory manager (or sales manager, depending on your manufacturer).

  • TMs - Keep an open relationship with your dealers and let them know what kind of training classes, seminars, and promotions are coming up in their area. Remember, the better your relationship with your dealers, the better your sales will be.
  • Dealers - Contacting your TM could make the difference in a profit or deficit quarter. Set a calendar reminder once every two months just to keep your company on their radar.

What vendor do you use to train your HVAC company?

Guest blogger Vickie Ashmore is the Manager of Training  for HVAC Learning Solutions.

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