Convincing your HVAC customer to take the leap

When your HVAC customer isn't willing to pay for what their home or business needs, it's time to implement sales techniques that help him or her think about what's more important.

As the HVAC technical expert, you know that your customer needs certain services to achieve home comfort. Here are some tips from a SmartVan article on convincing them that what they're getting is worth every penny:

Talk about history

Your company's history (and make it brief) builds trust with your customer. They should know in a short amount of time how long you've been in business, what you're most successful at, and what services you specialize in.

Talk about satisfied customers

Focus on a previous situation in which a skeptical customer became a long-term customer for you. Talk about what pushed him or her to a service maintenance agreement or upgrade, and always relate it back to the customer you're talking to.

Talk about value

Without focusing on price, explain what makes your offer so great. Show him or her the features of the service or product, then clearly link that to the benefits of using it. Be transparent, answer questions, and play up the value in your product.

Focus on the positive, instead of threatening what could happen if he or she doesn't buy, and watch the customer become happier for it.

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