Creating a legacy for your business

Creating a legacy will help your business grow, increase profits, and build a loyal customer base. Your HVAC business may be great at customer service, repairs, or installation, but you can't rely on word-of-mouth alone. To let your strengths be heard, you must have the proper resources and know how to market your business.

Tell a story

Is there something about your company's start or history that sparks interest? Was there one particular customer you went above and beyond for? Better yet, do your customers have testimonials of how great your service is? If so, tell the world (and the locals).

Leverage those stories to your advantage and make them part of all your marketing/advertising efforts. It will give your business personality and trustworthiness.

Get a blog

Adding even more personality to your business, a blog will position you as an expert in your area. It's an easy addition to your already-established website and best of all - customers can follow, comment, and engage with you and your business. (Don't have time? Look to other resources to help take the legwork out of blogging and social media.)

Back to basics

Don't let your marketing efforts overshadow the great work you do day-to-day in the field. No matter how much attention your business gets, the customer will remember their actual experiences with your company. It all comes down to customer referrals, and marketing is just another way of letting your business shine.

Still Hungry?

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