Creating a (Nearly) Stress-Free Company Culture

Unhappy employees are more powerful than you think, and happy employees are more motivated and productive. Use these tips to improve workplace morale and productivity.

When employees are unsatisfied with their work, they tend to be less productive than employees who aren’t. The time unhappy employees spend being unproductive can cost your business.

Employees who are happy are also motivated. They work harder and get more satisfaction out of their work, and so it goes around in a circle. How, you might be wondering, can you get your employees to be happy in the first place?

These simple practices will help you foster happiness in your work place.

The first step is to find out what motivates your employees. Why are they at your company and what are they looking for? Once you understand this you can more successfully motivate them in their work.

Is your workplace a positive one, or are your employees trapped in the doom and gloom? A positive work environment can do wonders for your employees’ job satisfaction.

A person's strengths are their pride and joy. People love being able to show what they are good at and impress others. It is important for you as the employer or manager to understand your employees’ strengths.

Use their strengths to motivate your workers. When you, as the boss, take time to recognize just how your employees' strengths play into the overall picture, and you let them know, you will be surprised at the change it makes.

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