Customer appreciation - every day

Why limit customer appreciation to just one day? Showing appreciation for your customers' business should be implemented and engrained within your services every day. Here are a few simple gestures you can use to show your customers you care and appreciate their business.

  • Welcome kits: A welcome kit may include company information, fridge magnets, promotions, and other goodies. It can be toted along with technicians on every new customer service call. It's a wonderful way to gain loyalty with minimal investment.
  • Address problems promptly: Problems will inevitably arise whether the technician is present or not. In this case, the problem should be addressed immediately with a beneficial maintenance solution tailored to the customer's needs.
  • Following up: Receiving feedback from you customers is essential - not only in improving your services, but ensuring your customer their opinion matters to you. A simple follow-up call can propel your client from having an average experience to first-class treatment.

What are some ways you show your customers appreciation?

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