Customer appreciation goes a long way

Customer appreciation can't be done enough, and there's more than one way to let it show. There's nothing more valuable than customer referrals, and it's a virtually free way to grow your business.

Here are 4 "thank you" ideas:

1. Every time customers do business with you, it's important to send a "thank you" note. Not only is this putting your company in their mind after-service, it's a gesture they won't forget.

2. When you get feedback, make a mental note of what they're saying and thank them for the suggestions. This is the ultimate reward to you from your customers, in which they're actually giving you pointers on how to get more business.

3. If they say "no," not all hope is lost. Keep that door open and don't lose the relationship; send a short note to thank your customers for their time and encourage them to keep you in mind. Even if they can't use your services, some will certainly feel compelled to refer you for your friendliness.

4. When you get recommended, this should get the highest reward of all. Because customers brought new business, they should get a specific "thank you" note as well as a small gift (like a free routine maintenance visit or estimate) to show your appreciation.

However you decide to give back to your customers, be specific and sincere. It's a win-win situation and will build your business and develop lasting customer relationships.

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