Customer Feedback: Your Key to Sales

Collecting customer service intelligence as a small business is a huge challenge - unlike the big businesses of the world that hear feedback everyday.

But few companies (the greats) actually use this feedback in a way the customer can see. That's the key step in leveraging customer feedback. Here's your mini guidebook on customer feedback:

1. Understand why you need customer feedback.

Understanding the purpose behind your feedback, whether it is to improve the nature of house calls or rally the internal team, is essential to make it work for your business. notes that customers aren't necessarily interested in monetary rewards or anonymity - what they really want is for that feedback to be incorporated back into the company's processes and/or vision and strategy.

2. Watch customer behavior patterns.

This is now easier than ever to watch - just look at what your customers say online.

3. Train employees to listen.

Gaining customer feedback can be done through several methods. Perhaps the most effective is training your onsite staff to listen for feedback when meeting with customers face-to-face. This is a proactive approach to customer service, and it requires active listening.

How do you incorporate customer feedback in your company?

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