Customer service means being proactive

Customer service should always be proactive, from the moment you walk into a customer's home to the knowledge you present. Not only will it build loyalty among your customers, but it'll truly help your business' successes.

Here are four ways to be proactive with customers:

1. Have a "get to know you" session with each customer. Whether you're selling to a couple or an elderly person with special HVAC needs, it's important to know the customer's HVAC history, as well as who they are. They'll appreciate the personalization. Imagine having a database of customer information that can be carried by any comfort advisor or technician (some in the convenience of a tablet). That's how you 'hook' the customer.

2. Keep every truck stocked. No customer wants to wait for fixes, and while not every problem can be fixed on the spot, there are many preventative tools that can be stocked in all trucks. That's what impresses your customer.

3. Keep up with trends and product knowledge (including your competitors). This is where >HVAC training comes in handy. Stick to a program that teaches basics as well as frequently updated industry trend courses. Also, keep up to date on HVAC products. Don't sell a specific model or make? You should know enough to compare it to what you do sell. That's how you close the sale.

4. Follow up after each visit to assess other needs and receive feedback. Does following up make you feel uncomfortable? Here's how to follow up in a non-obtrusive way. That's how you build relationships.

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