Customer service: more than just being "nice"

Customer service is a way for you to connect with your customers and learn what it is they want from your product. Go beyond friendliness to provide a complete customer service experience for your clients.

Know what you're doing.

Before you can help a customer, you need to know your stuff. You can take this HVAC quiz to find out if you're just talking the talk, or if you can walk the walk. You can't help customers if you aren't up to date on the HVAC industry.

Put your customers first.

Clients call you for help and advice on what they need, not to hear what you want. Always put solutions before products. Customers can tell when you have a genuine concern for their issue, or when you're just trying to upsell them.

Be transparent.

Customers like to know what's going on. Don't just tell her she'll have to pay $500 for repairs. Break the pricing down for her so she knows what she's paying for. Ask for feedback when the job is finished to let customers know their opinions are valued and used to improve services. Good communication builds trust.

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