Departmentalizing your HVAC business

Departmentalization of your HVAC business will undoubtedly increase your profits and organize your chaos.

Departmentalizing involves dividing your company into divisions and departments so that everyone has specific tasks, and customers may refer to the various departments to solve problems and questions.

Here are the top 3 reasons departmentalization is a great idea:

1. Gives employees purpose.

Hire designated staff persons over specific departments. For example, assign a lead technician who takes care of scheduling service assignments, manages your technical team, and troubleshoots any problems with equipment. Your staff will have purpose and become an important piece to the puzzle.

2. Makes your company feel larger.

Big or small, any company can departmentalize. Above all else, your company is there to serve its customers. When a customer calls with an inquiry about pricing, if you refer them to your sales department, it not only appears very professional, it gives the appearance of a larger, more reputable business.

3. Helps your business run smoother.

Departmentalizing clears the air, ensures that tasks and taking care of customers doesn't get lost in the shuffle, and organizes every aspect of your company.

Tell us: What has departmentalization done for your HVAC business?

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