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Students interested in classes and webinars offered by HVAC Learning Solutions, can often be unsure of whether the web-based or instruction-based technical training is the best option. To help you choose which course style is best for you, I've outlined some points to consider from each class, based on learning style.

Visual Learners vs. Aural Learners 

Visual learners ... 

  • Prefer to be shown how to do something, not just told
  • Like quiet time to focus
  • Like colors and pictures, versus plain text
  • Should choose BuildATech™- A visual learner will likely benefit from the hands-on experience the instructor-led class provides. Our state-of-the-art skills lab lets you practice on life-size models, helping each student to explore the mechanics and functionality of the unit while practicing repair and troubleshooting techniques.

Aural learners ... 

  • Like to watch videos
  • Prefer to be listening to music while working
  • Like to read out loud
  • Should choose Virtual BuildATech™- With time to read at their own pace, and create a study environment customized to them, an aural or audible learner will likely benefit from the digital and self-paced format of the Virtual BuildATech™ program. 

Solitary vs. Social Learners 

Solitary learners ... 

  • Prefer to work alone away from crowds
  • Like to study based on a plan with goals
  • Should chooseVirtual BuildATech™- The individual self-paced learning of Virtual BuildATech™ will be a great fit for a solitary learner, so they can set a daily or weekly goal and plan their own curriculum.

Social learners ... 

  • Like collaboration and asking questions
  • Prefer background noise over a quiet environment
  • Should chooseBuildATech™- A social learner will appreciate the classroom setting and hands-on lab feature of the instructor-led BuildATech™ class so they can ask questions and learn together with fellow students.

What kind of learner are you? Visual? Aural? Social? Solitary? No matter what type of learning style you prefer, we have a proven curriculum that will help you become a certified, revenue-generating technician in just a matter of weeks.

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