Do HVAC technicians have the answer to the economy?

HVAC technicians will always have to deal with cramped, dirty, and dusty spaces in the cold winter or hot summer - but one thing they've got a leg up on? The economy.

As one of's jobs that will never be outsourced, technician careers are especially great for those with an affinity for mechanical work. So why is this job withstanding layoffs, and actually growing up to 9 percent annually?

Growing technology; construction and renovation of homes and commercial properties, according to the website.


If you thrive on a structured schedule to function personally, this is an excellent career choice. Most HVAC technician jobs revolve around a day shift (even night shifts don't often go too late). The HVAC industry has also been one of the few to steer clear of the infamous layoffs in other industries.


No two service calls are ever the same, and that provides challenges and excitement for technicians. They get to jump from maintenance in a single family home, to a tax credited green upgrade on a commercial high-rise downtown. The variety in clientele and situations would especially suit an outgoing person.

Extensive training programs

Best of all? It's super easy to get quality training with the variety in programs and classes available to seasoned and new technicians. Some programs are even spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, or available online for your convenience.

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