When even quick shipping isn’t fast enough

Hold on, BOPIS is not the latest dance craze. Actually, buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) is a relatively new retail concept that can help you do business faster. By combining the power and efficiency of online shopping, with the convenience of physical stores, companies can manage their inventory better, and offer you a seamless shopping experience.

When time is money

In many HVAC business situations, overnight shipping charges are cost prohibitive and typically cut into your bottom-line, while 2-day shipping just isn’t quick enough. Let’s face it, customers want their stuff fast — they’re either sweating or freezing.

This is how BOPIS can help you — by fulfilling your online orders faster without having to wait on shipping and delivery.

Simply place your order online, head to a Lennox Store near you, pick it up, and you’re on your way. It’s an extremely practical option for those times when you can’t wait for the delivery truck.

BOPIS means convenience, faster turnaround times, and increased revenue:

  • No waiting in line at check-out.
  • Better control of job scheduling.
  • Eliminates delivery wait times, saves on shipping costs.
  • Pick up your order as soon as it arrives.
  • Better homeowner satisfaction.
  • If you’re going to be at a certain location on your next job, you can have your order shipped at a store closest to your location.
  • Increase revenue by saving time, shipping charges and working smarter.

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