Do you have a plan when emergencies arrive?

Your HVAC business promises emergency service, but what if you have too many emergencies at once? Nothing brings on angrier customers like a broken air conditioner on the hottest day of summer.

Be sure your customers get the service they deserve by taking these measures:

Double up resources
Now is a good time to train green, fresh-out-of-college job candidates. Bring them in on a trial basis, perform hands-on training, and at summer's end, you'll have a selection of well-trained apprentices to choose from.

Extend business hours
It's good for business anyway, so to plan for disaster, extend your regular hours throughout extreme weather months. This will prevent a technician's surprise when he or she must go on a call at 8 p.m. - just after he or she got to the dinner table.

Offer a preferred customer plan
Coordinate with local hotels and offer a discounted stay for customers you can't service in a certain amount of time. Even better? Make it part of a preferred customer package as a side service to a maintenance agreement.

Stick to a solid emergency plan, and above all else - make customers the priority and the testimonials will write themselves.

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