Do your customers perceive you as a professional in every way?


You are the face of your business. You can have the strongest reputation in town for your experience and know-how, but if your techs don't look the part, it's definitely affecting your bottom line. Getting dusty and dirty comes with the job, so maintaining a professional look can be tough, but it can be done. Here are some tips I've gathered on how to look professional, even after a long, hot day on the job.

First impressions are everything.

Got a uniform you wear at work? Keep it pressed and clean. Obviously, it won't stay that way during the day, but by arriving looking pulled together, you've made the right first impression. If you know you have several appointments in a day, consider keeping an extra shirt and pair of pants ready to go in your work truck or locker at the office.

Be the person you would want in your own home. 

Keep a comb, facial wipes, and hand wipes in your glove compartment. By giving your hair a quick comb-through, and cleaning the previous job off your face and hands, you will literally be putting your best face forward. Be sure to leave the home in the same condition it was before you arrived. Check your shoes before walking up to the front door. If they are soiled, wear disposable shoe covers to show the customer that you respect their home as much as they do.

Body language is key. 

How do you walk into a room? How do you introduce yourself to the customer? Think of each customer interaction like a job interview. Present yourself with confidence, charisma, and be aware of your posture throughout your service call.

Invest in yourself.

Work clothes take a beating in this industry, so be sure to regularly update or replace your uniform. Just remember, if you look messy or cheap, your customers might assume the same thing about your products or your service.

Up the ante with a professional look from the way you dress to the way you present yourself when you walk in the customer's door. The care you take makes a huge difference and can result in a huge payoff for just a little extra TLC.

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