Does your female customer feel safe?

Your female customer base has probably grown, since women are often the primary decision makers when it comes to large home purchases. And with field service's bad reputation around technicians, it's especially important to make your customers feel safe.

I have a few tips on doing just that and I know your customers will appreciate the extra mile:

1. Consider bringing a female employee on calls.
It's smart to ask your customer if "she" can tag along. They'll appreciate the effort, and you'll be glad you did. It could make the potential sale a smoother process too. (Note: Don't assume this is what your customer wants. Ask first.)

2. Send a biography.
Let customers get to know the team they'll be dealing with. For a simplified version of a "biography," create videos introducing each team member and send an email the day before with his or her individual video, introducing the technician.

3. Keep customers and employees together.
One trusted face versus the whole lot of the company helps with customer comfort. Though time restrictions and company size may not allow, try to keep the customer with his or her own technician on every call.

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