Don't hire for experience - hire for attitude!

By Mike Moore

You've got two candidates sitting in your office. One has an impressive resume, but you're not totally sold on their personality and attitude. The other candidate doesn't quite have the resume, but has a stellar work ethic and is a shoe-in for company culture. Which one do you hire?

This brings us to a topic I get asked about frequently, how to hire rock stars for the industry. The secret? Employ candidates with a great attitude, and then train them on any areas their resume may be lacking.

Here's what to look for in a candidate with great qualities, and how to get them up to speed.

Team Player

True team players are a diamond in the rough. They're the ones willing to pitch in extra hours to meet a team goal, or stay late to accomplish department tasks. Team players see themselves as a part of a whole, instead of an individual in a sea of competitors. Hiring this personality type not only helps promote cohesiveness among the team; they also make great mentors for new employees.


Surprisingly - not every candidate that crosses your path will be a good fit for training. Look for potential employees who are open-minded, malleable, and defy the “do as you've always done” and "if it ain't broke" mindsets.


The go-getters are the employees who will take the initiative to meet both their personal goals as well as the overarching goals for the entire organization. Their ambition can be infectious and inspire their fellow teammates.


Hire for attitude, train for skills. HVAC Learning Solution's BuildATech™ training program gives trainees the chance to develop their technical efficiencies with hands-on skills training and the opportunity to earn important certifications such as NATE and ICE.

Attitude is everything. Selecting a candidate based on the mantra, hire for attitude; train for skills, will result in a happy and productive employee for years to come.

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