Don't panic when the busy season hits again

We tend to panic when surprises in business creep up on us - becoming reactive instead of proactive during the busy season. And that has a trickle down effect on your employees.

But let's get down to business for a second. Here's how to keep your employees focused, not panicked, during the busy season.

It's not about speed.

With so many calls in one day and not enough time to handle them, your technicians may be making rash decisions, not following proper customer service etiquette, or skipping over the details. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The busy season can be the time when you gain or lose the most customers - be sure to reinforce taking time to do things right. And if your technicians truly don't have the time, hire extra staff. Your business will be better for it.

Reinforcement training is more important now than ever.

Do your technicians and salespeople need a training refresher? Now is the time. They can take what they learned in the virtual classroom and start applying it immediately.

Be patient.

Patience is a virtue in busier times. Practice it everyday.

How do you keep your eyes on the prize during the busy season?

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