Employee ownership feeds great customer service

Employee ownership - there's nothing more empowering than giving this to them. It's a domino effect that leads to great customer service, less turnover, and better leadership.

To effectively run a company, you must trust your employees. Let the "employee ownership" mentality come through. Here are a few tips on how to easily integrate employee ownership into your company.

1. Be transparent.

Talk about the good and bad things that happen within your company. Keep your employees in the know, or they'll be resentful. You're working on a team, and you should act like it.

2. HVAC training.

Keep your employees trained. It's satisfying for employees to emerge from a training program and be allowed to immediately practice what they learned.

3. Eliminate arbitrary procedures that prohibit leadership thinking.

Employee motivation means letting them make important decisions and take ownership over their work. If they're constantly barred by rules that not only prohibit workflow but also key decision-making, how will they demonstrate leadership?

4. Ask for feedback.

As the front-line team that faces customers everyday, your employees will know more about how business is faring. However, they won't always tell you, so ask for their opinions. They'll appreciate that you care, thus giving them employee ownership.

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