Energy efficiency spending increases, and so will your profits

Energy efficiency doesn't just come and go with the tides of a great stimulus package; it's here to stay according to a recent survey. Not including stimulus funding, the Consortium For Energy Efficiency reported that 2010 budgets for energy efficiency programs leaped to $7.5 billion - a 23 percent increase from 2009.

It's an ongoing choice for home and business owners. Here's how to best leverage this trend for your HVAC business:

1. Talk about it at every service call.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to talk about energy efficiency in his or her home or business. Your customer may not know all the advantages of upgrading.

2. Offer extra incentives.

On top of whatever monetary value your customer gets from the government (up to $500 in 2011), your company could offer little rewards for upgrade. Perhaps a discounted preventative maintenance package, or free gift could incline your customer to buy off on the idea.

3. Get marketing materials from ENERGY STAR

If your business advocates ENERGY STAR, direct people to their materials. They offer excellent home improvement tips and of course, support upgrades. Your customer will learn more about energy efficiency and armed with that knowledge, be more prepared to make a decision on upgrading their system.

Your business doesn't necessarily need a stimulus package to sell the wonderful advantages of energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

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