Evaluate yourself: HVAC sales assessments

Bonnie Maupin is a guest blogger for HVAC Learning Solutions.

Don't just wait for an HVAC sales assessment from your boss - take initiative and proactively look at your own performance. After all, who's making the commission? You.

How do you measure up in terms of the company's standards and the goals you set for yourself? Here are just a few ways to measure performance:

By the numbers: Sales Lead Tracking Tool

How many sales did you close? What's your follow-up rate? The sales lead tracking tool is ideal for showing you exactly how you're performing from an objective standard. I love pulling reports quarterly.

Client relationships

An HVAC sales assessment goes beyond closing rates - what is your rapport like? Can you count on both hands customers that you know, respect, and do regular business with? Determine what that number should look like and the quality of your relationships.

HVAC sales efficiency

What do you do on a daily basis? How much of your time do you spend generating leads versus time on calls? The answers to these questions will give you insight into your sales efficiency.

Bonnie Maupin is the marketing manager at HVAC Learning Solutions and Mike Moore's partner in crime. Reach Bonnie on Twitter @bonniemaupin.

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