Rest assured, you’ve got
everything under control

Joeseph T. Prock - Author

Joseph T.Prock

May 2020 • 5 min read

Service Dashboard provides everything you need from troubleshooting tips, customer details to better, more efficient customer management.

Discover problems before they happen

You may remember the iComfort Dashboard? With a new name and a complete overhaul, the newly redesigned Service Dashboard helps you respond faster and easier to troubleshooting issues while letting you focus on the areas of business that require your attention. The dashboard not only saves you time and money, you’re able to delegate and manage better because you have your customers systems under control. This is how Service Dashboard works.

After you’ve installed your customers perfect system, balanced each room according to your MJ8 report findings, and fine-tuned your customers comfort requests, you’re ready to sit back and let the dashboard take over.

Using remote diagnostic technology, the dashboard monitors your customers system 24/7. If a system issue occurs, whether it be a simple maintenance check or a system error, the dashboard receives an alert letting you know instantly what’s going on.

Contactless service

Now you’re able to proactively troubleshoot from your shop or office by knowing what area of the system is causing the alert — all before dispatching a tech and a truck to the customers home. Using the Remote In, you have access to the Dealer Control Center to run remote tests, diagnostics, and fix some issues without having to going to the customers home. With this level of efficiency, you’re able to provide customers excellent service without disruption.

To further assist your troubleshooting efforts, you have access to product schematics, technical product specs, warranty information, along with the Lennox Error Code Lookup integration. Everything you need is easily accessible on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Providing fast, efficient service

The Service Dashboard lets you know before you go whether you need to order parts ahead of time or if the job will require a helper. When your tech is dispatched to your customers home they’re prepared:

  • They know the issues at hand and how to repair.
  • Have the right parts and supplies on hand eliminating any return trips.
  • Reduce the time spent at the customers home.
  • Reduce truck rolls help save on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

All successful HVAC businesses have one thing in common — they make sure their customers are taken care of and their systems are well-maintained. Deploying Service Dashboard into your business will allow you to do just that — provide excellent uninterrupted customer service.

With Service Dashboard in control you’ll:

  • Discover problems before they happen.
  • Be able to plan and prioritize your service technician man-hours using the filter to customize your search by maintenance reminders, alert types or zip code.
  • Keep customers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) healthy by regularly replacing air filters.
  • Help your customers extend the life of their system.
  • Decrease any homeowner downtime to their system.
  • Reduce truck rolls and repeat visits by knowing beforehand the problem, tools, parts, and labor you’ll need to restore service.

Keeping you and your customer’s safe

Practicing social distancing and maintaining a healthy work ethic will be an ongoing challenge. Not only are you exposed to your customers homes, your prone to handling equipment where airborne particles and germs accumulate. The Service Dashboard is the perfect tool to deploy with the crisis at hand. The innovative dashboard technology can help you cut down on service calls while keeping you and your employees safe — you’re able to resolve your customers problems without the face-to-face risk.

Customer retention starts with excellent customer service

Your customers are busy. The newly redesigned Service Dashboard helps you develop long-term relationships by being readily accessible when customers need you. Not only are you able to provide rapid response times to equipment issues, you’re able to deliver seamless service knowing ahead of time the problem, solution, and parts and supplies you’re going to need without having to inconvenience your customer a second time.