Experts do something you don't

How bad do you want to be known as an expert in your field? Here's the truth: experts never stop learning. Experts know that everyone knows something they don't. Experts find ways to learn from others every day. Do you have what it takes to become an HVAC expert?

What knowledge can do for you

  • Establish your credibility in the eye of the consumer.
  • Build your self confidence.
  • Make work more enjoyable.
  • Create a stable foundation for a long-term career.

Sharing your knowledge

Learn everything you can, and share it. Are you encouraging those around you in the workplace to learn more about the industry? When was the last time you shared tips about your skills with your employees/co-workers? How can you create an opportunity to learn something every day?

Tailoring your learning process

Maybe you should Google HVAC industry news before going to bed every night. Or ask a technician who's been in the business for more than 20 years for his or her advice. We all have different levels of experience and should seek knowledge from different sources.

How to keep learning like an HVAC expert:

  • Get with other non-direct competitors in the industry and trade tips.
  • Seek advice from coworkers who've had a life-long career as an HVAC technician.
  • Suggest everyone come to work with an industry fact or statistic to share with the team once a week.
  • Proudly state on your company website and social media platforms that your business strives for cutting-edge expertise that's never stops growing-because that's the solid truth.

My favorite industry resources and websites:

Now go challenge yourself to learn something you didn't know yesterday.

I'm interested in your feedback. What websites do you read to stay industry-updated? Tweet me @HVACLearning

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