Faster proposals for the busy season

Customer proposals can become complicated by jargon and clutter. From addressing pricing to understanding which product is the best fit, forms cover a lot of information, which can easily turn a normal service call into an intense sales pitch.

With just a few changes to customer proposals, you can create a positive experience that will set your HVAC company apart from the competition:

  • Portable tablets and applications: Using a tablet with a form application will allow the customer to input information quickly. The advanced technology of tablets and apps will give the customer a one-step process without the redundancy. Tablets also introduce a visual element to traditional forms. Zoom in on product features, display product highlights, and turn a 2-dimensional form into an interactive selling experience.
  • Eliminate the pricing issue: Make your product sheets easy and simple for the customer to look through. A photo of the unit, a brief easy-to-read description, and a no-hassle price will reduce that "friction." The customer will know that the product they chose was the best choice for them both financially and practically.
  • Product organization: Organizing your product forms can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step one - group products by brand name. Step two - organize each group by product function. Step three - list products in good, better, and best rankings. 

Do your customer forms promote positive customer service?

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