Following up (and how to tread lightly)

Following up is a necessary and careful step toward closing the sale. Whether you're calling to convince a customer of another in-home session or checking back with someone for feedback, we have a few tips on how to do so gracefully.

Joe Crisara talked about turning a customer's "no" into a "yes" in an article by The SmartVan. His last suggestion? A follow up call and scheduling an appointment with another salesperson who could explain the product better. I want to expand on the follow-up and how to handle it with care (and keep the customer relationship).

Be honest about what you're following up for
Phrases like "just touching base" are tired, and it doesn't make a customer want to talk. Before you call, have a specific purpose - perhaps even ask about a certain problem they had. Being specific is the key here. The customer wants to be heard and you're reaffirming that need.

It starts with the proposal
Leaving a proposal before hopping in your truck is super important and I'll tell you why: it's a call-to-action for the customer who's on the fence about price. It's a tangible document that sets the price expectation, and it'll be a good reference guide when you follow up.

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