From titles to tools, equip your employees

Retain good HVAC employees once you have them by equipping the best on your team. Every employee deserves a great training program, constructive feedback, and a reason to be proud of their workplace.'s Steve Tobak suggests you reward employees with:

Title and responsibilities
It's a simple step that makes all the difference - assigning your top employee a title and special duties to go along with it. For example, put your top technician in charge of organizing and facilitating training. Their field service title: comfort specialist. Their internal title: director of training.

The right tools
Provide employees with training and every resource needed to perform their jobs well. Once you've done that, get out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Flexible scheduling
Your employees will thank you forever for giving them time to attend doctor's appointments and other important tasks throughout the day.

Timely feedback
We're not talking about the formal quarterly review - this means instant feedback after someone handles a customer service situation well or applies his or her training to a real-life situation.

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