Gain time, money with 5 key management traits

How does an HVAC business owner have time to manage effectively?

You're sending 20 technicians out everyday. Your leading salesperson is on the verge of a $20,000 sale. And oh yes, it's time for renewal on your employee training.

There's a way to manage it all, and still make sure your customers and employees are getting the attention they deserve. Here are a few tips to keep on track:

One hour at a time
Focus on specific tasks by the hour. For example, leave emails and administrative duties for the afternoon, and devote your morning to sales and customer service.

Stick to the schedule
If you say you're heading home at 6 p.m., stick to it. Before you leave, list the top three items you must accomplish the next morning, clean off your desk, and shut the door. Make time for yourself and you'll be happier for it.

Be realistic about workload
Have a day full of meetings? Realize that your daily work won't get done and plan for it. Get savvy about estimating the amount of time it takes you to do certain tasks.

Use available tools
Are there organization tools available to help you with your job? (i.e., the Learning Management System, an email calendar) Take advantage!

By delegating tasks to other employees, you'll save time and money. It's worth giving them leadership experience (and you soon learn whether they're ready for that role in this post), and worth saving you the daily grind.

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