Get your work truck organized

While the details of how you organize your van can get lost in getting the job done, effective organization can make a huge difference in how you as a technician perform in the field. Use some of these tips to make fieldwork a little easier to manage, for everyone:

Break down your processes

Are you always stretching to reach for the same tools? Constantly searching for certain replacement parts? Look toward your process to find ways to reorganize your van. Pay attention to your movements and needs as you work on the job, and use those to guide placement. Keep things that are used frequently close at hand, and group items and tools that are used together in the same general area.

Label, label, label

Even the best among us can lose track of where things go, or accidentally grab the wrong tool size or part. Use labels on individual tools, on bins, and in grouped areas. You'll find that investing in a good labeling system helps you find things in a snap. Labels also help others understand your system in a more intuitive way.

Share and share alike

Find what works for you, and share your success with others. You'll be surprised at how many other techs are dealing with the same issues, and even more surprised at how they've solved the problems themselves. Sharing solutions can lead to a market-wide organization solution that best fits technician needs.

What helps you be successfully organized?

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