Get the most from the Lennox® dealer meetings

Trade shows like the Lennox® dealer meeting can be overwhelming. There's much to do and see. To get the most from the experience, be prepared to do these four things.

  • Be inspired: Part of the reason you're there is to get away from the office and recharge. You go to learn, sure. But you're also there to bring new ideas, so allow yourself to be inspired. Get reminded about what you love about the HVAC business.
  • Discover new tools: The HVAC world is a changing place. There are new tools and techniques introduced all the time. The dealer meetings are a great place to learn about them and whether or not they make sense for your business.
  • Share ideas: Pick up new ideas or share some that you've had. Bring a notebook. Write them down. Leave with something you can implement.
  • Meet new people: There's no better place to network than the dealer meetings. You aren't going to find more HVAC professionals in one place all year. Bring business cards. Introduce yourself to vendors and other dealers. It never hurts to have someone you can call during the year when the need arises.

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