Get to know a veteran

In honor of 9/11, I'm going to take a break from posting about the HVAC industry to recognize the heroes of our nation. This week, I encourage you to get to know a war veteran. I can't think of a better way to commemorate 9/11 than by learning about our country through someone else's eyes.

Where do you start?

It's simple. Simply ask around. Ask friends of family, customers, or coworkers if they know someone who served our country and is willing to talk about past experiences. Don't be afraid to visit a local nursing home. Volunteer to help; ask the staff if there is a veteran resident. You will be amazed at what you can find when you just ask.

What do you ask?

First, find out the basics. In which war did they fight? How old were they? Were they married? Then you can get to the heart of conversation. How did it change them? What is it like living life after fighting a war? Be sensitive and patient, as it is no doubt probably a hard subject for him or her to revisit. It may take multiple conversations until they're comfortable, but most war veterans are willing to share their past and history of our country.

Go ahead, bring the kids

This is a great opportunity and learning experience for your family as well-as long as the interviewee approves. Take your kids to hear the stories with you. I encourage you to record the war veteran's stories with either your smart phone or a simple tape recorder. Veterans won't be around forever, and neither will their priceless stories.

Last but not least, don't forget to say thank you to a veteran or soldier this week.

How will you take time to honor 9/11 this week? I'd love to know. Tweet me @HVACLearning!

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