Get your business involved in a holiday cause

With social responsibility on every HVAC business owner's mind, the holiday season is a great opportunity to get involved. Bring together your customers, employees, and the community for a holiday celebration with a cause.

Organize a toy drive

Team up with an organization like Toys for Tots to collect toys for less fortunate children in the community. To participate, gather new, unwrapped toys and bring them to a local Toys for Tots drop-off center. Encourage customers to donate toys while their technician is on site or bring a toy to the office for the drive.

Take donations for a cause

Give your customers a chance to donate to a cause just by having their HVAC system maintained. Include an area on your customer paperwork to make a donation when paying for service — a dollar or two at check out will go a long way towards helping a charitable cause.

10 percent drive

Instead of encouraging donations, encourage awareness. Donate 10 percent of your earnings during the drive to the charitable foundation of your choice. Include a memo or have your service techs inform the customer of your holiday spirit to let them know what your company stands for.

What charitable foundation would you support this holiday season?

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