Get your company involved in the community

Get your company involved in the community and see the benefits. The community loves it and the company develops a great reputation, not to mention it aids in recruiting efforts. From helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity to reading to schoolchildren, the opportunities are abundant.

Here are some top reasons your employees and the company will benefit from being socially responsible:

1. Boosts morale.

Employees won't feel like work is just work - it's much more. Giving them an opportunity to do something for the greater good outside the office with other team members will give them a bigger sense of accomplishment and make work more meaningful.

2.Builds on company reputation.

When you volunteer as a company, it automatically associates your company with a do-good project. Clout and reputation of your company will rise significantly when you're tied to a project that you took part in outside of work.

3. Strengthens internal relationships.

Volunteering is a bonding experience for employees in that they're doing something together that isn't necessarily tied to work activities. It strengthens their relationship and makes things around the workplace run that much smoother.

Some organizations like Volunteer Match will link your employees with the best type of projects based on their needs and skills.

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