Go Team!

By Mike Moore

When temperatures plunge - heating systems fail and your phones ring off the hook. Is it really the time to take your team bowling? Go play laser tag as a team? Or host a holiday party?


Here are three reasons why team building during the holidays matters and how it can make a difference throughout the coming year.

  1. Remind the team of the big picture. In the middle of the year, people start concentrating on their positions, their roles, and their departments. A party or even service project activity can help remind them of how they fit into the overall team. It gives you an opportunity to bring everyone together - seize the opportunity.
  2. Reinforce that you, as a business owner, care about employees. It's just a nice way to show you care about them beyond what they produce for the business. Good food and a good laugh go a long way in building the rapport you need to carry over into the new year.
  3. Review the year's accomplishments and celebrate. Look back at what you've done well all year. Recognize the achievements among the team or teams and set up expectations and goals for 2016, too.

Inviting spouses and kids along can also establish a camaraderie among the team. It can foster an understanding of the company goals. Spouses may be more willing to withstand employees' long hours during the busy times of the year if they understand the end game.

So when you're thinking about bypassing that Thanksgiving office potluck or forgoing the Secret Santa exchange, think again.

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