Why You Should Learn How to Play Golf

If the extent of your golfing knowledge is "Happy Gilmore," it may be time to brush up.

Weekend activities, like golfing, are perfect for networking and can introduce you to more clients.

For this blog, I'll be talking about golf, but there are many opportunities to network in any activity you choose whether it's softball, bowling, fishing, or hunting.

Getting out there

Business happens on the golf course.

Golfing on the weekend with potential clients allows you to talk business without feeling like you're talking business. In fact, the bonds you build while out of the office are usually stronger than the ones you will make from 9 to 5.

By getting out on the weekends you're increasing the chances of meeting potential clients, even if you're competing against them on the green.

Business Golf Rules

While you're hitting the links, remember that it's business first.

Sports Illustrated has a great article about tips to have an effective business game, and I want to share a few pointers with you here.

  • Play with the right people, not the best golfer - the guy that contracts your work is who you want on your team.
  • Don't stress about winning or throwing the game. Play to your ability. - This is in line with the importance of honesty to customers.
  • Focus on your goal, which shouldn't be getting the best score. - Even when the game gets heated, remember you're playing to get more business.
  • Make sure you and your potential customers are having fun. - If your customer isn't having fun, they'll remember that in the boardroom.

Getting Started

If you've never played golf, but are interested, there are plenty of opportunities to get started.

Check your local golf course or driving range. Most of them offer courses or lessons to help you learn the basics.

How do you network outside of the office?

Still Hungry?

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