Good customer service starts with being on time

Good customer service is about first impressions such as being on time. Simple, right? Maybe not when you have calls backed up past business hours, and customers who need emergency service. However, there's nothing that turns a customer off more than a late technician or salesperson.

Punctuality is important, both out of respect for the customer and to avoid losing closing opportunities. Showing up on time is not to be feared though! Here are some service call tips that will help you get to your destination and leave the customer happy.

Consider precision scheduling

By now, you should have an idea of how much time each job takes and the threshold for rookies and experienced technicians. Don't overbook technicians, and keep hours that will be convenient for customers.

Use the field service GPS

Pinpoint and plan out the day's locations, not to mention streamline your business process with GPS. That efficiency issue will also disappear when you're also able to track specific hours for technicians.

Good customer service = kept promises

Before you get yourself into a situation where you have to "make it right," think about how frustrated you would be as a customer when you took off work early to meet the technician who showed up outside the designated time frame. Customer service starts with doing it right the first time.

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