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I often blog about the importance of building and utilizing your most customer-facing tool - your website. This week, I want to highlight some prominent features from the website of R.F. Schraut Heating & Cooling and breakdown why the elements of this page work for them, and for their customers.

Easy to follow design

Finding information on the R.F. Schraut website is simple and easy. Browse through hot topics like Energy Savings or search for a specific topic using their search field. Scroll through the drop down boxes on the main navigation bar or browse content at the bottom of the page - which features a simple (haggle-free!) discount section, dealer information and access to their newsletter and social media.

Company story

Under the Our Team tab, readers can check out all of the team members - complete with bio and picture, which is a great customer feature so they know who is going to be showing up at their door. Read the Company Bio and learn about its dedication to certification and excellent service, an important and, unfortunately, often forgotten section of a website.

Video testimonial

A feedback section for your website can be a great selling point for customers but R.F. Schraut's video testimonials really take it to the next level.


The voice of the website is very comfortable. Instead of just a simple contact us page, the website features a floating Request Service and Request a Call Back button for an easy and personal way to let the company get in touch with you (and not the other way around.)

HVAC Terms and Support

Prepare for your service call by knowing the lingo. The Support Center features an HVAC Terms section for up-to-date, frequently used terminology to help keep you and your technician on the same page when an issue arises. This is a great way to make your customers feel comfortable with the service they're receiving because miscommunications about products and services can cause a lot of frustration for both the customer and the technician.

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