Grow your business - even when money is tight

There are economical ways to grow your business, and they don't include dramatic and unnecessary layoffs and marketing budget slashes. Take this seemingly doom-and-gloom time to maximize what opportunities the economic recession now offers - instead of focusing on what it no longer does.

Here are a few tips from on traits of companies that survive the storm and come out on top.

1. Act (not react)

A great company will take a look at who its buyers are, what they're buying, and the recurring patterns around that. Then, it jumps on those opportunities with the proper HVAC training. Grow your business with a level head at all times - without the "panic mode" trap many failing companies fall into.

2. Stay visible (not defensive)

This is a prime time to get ahead of the competitor, instead of cutting back budgets that will ultimately put you behind. Grow your business by staying in the conversation on social media, blogging, and keep yourself well staffed. Customers will always need heating and cooling, and if you're there for that demand, you'll win. Just be sure that the customer knows you're there in the first place.

3. Learn from mistakes (don't dwell)

Most of your business results are based on how you choose to deal with challenges, and your attitude toward growth. Take responsibility for yesterday's strategies and realize that today's may need some fine-tuning. Sometimes all it takes is looking at your grander purpose, and digging deeper into the new buying cycle to grow your business.

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