Habits of successful people in the HVAC industry

Steal the habits of highly successful HVAC leaders:

1. They're morning people. The early bird really does get the worm. While others are dragging into work at 9 a.m., successful people already have checked e-mails, caught up on the news, had breakfast, and even done a work out. Learn to set your alarm early and just get up and go.

2. They know their time is valuable and don't give it away freely. You can't say yes to everything. Use a calendar to schedule important things you know have to get done - meetings, training, etc. Also schedule certain days and times for free time - football games, family time, and other important personal times.

3. They're a leader, but still respect authority. Being a leader doesn't mean biting off everyone's head. Successful people know when to step in and guide the ship and when to let someone else take over.

4. They never stop learning, and always seek more training. Truly successful people know there's always something new to learn, especially in an industry with ever-changing technology.

Take command of yourself and you'll have command over your HVAC business in no time.

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