Happy Valentine's Day: how to make customers fall in love with your business

You don't just want people to know about your business - you want them to love it. Here are some fantastic tried-and-true ways to make your business a favorite among consumers.

Go the extra mile

How do you show your customers you're willing to go the extra mile for them? Simple. Do what's unexpected. Understand that you're not limited to how much time you have; you're limited to what you actually want to accomplish. Fitting in a small extra service free of charge can turn a casual customer into a brand loyal ambassador for your business.

Use your other set of skills

A technician will rarely impress a customer through technical skills. You have to rely on your customer-relation skills. You have to master the art of making people feel comfortable, and at ease. You're in their personal space-be respectful and honest. The reward will be profound.

Get your design right

If you want your company to be more than one only a mother could love, put a little effort into the design of your fleet and marketing materials. I've written about how to make your company look professional, and it's still true that first impressions make the difference. It's also true that the aesthetically immature brand will be looked over by a customer.

So what'll it be this year? Don't rely on arrows for loyal customers. You have to work hard for that.

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