Heating and cooling sales in today's economy present unique challenges

Salespeople, regardless of industry, should never stop learning.

Like a coach should never stop holding practices for his athletes, or a body builder should never stop working out - HVAC sales require constant practice. Not only because it will make you a better salesperson, but because the industry and smart sales techniques are always changing.

Your average consumer today has grown tired of the traditional "sales pitch" and would rather see salespeople take a non-selling approach. It's one of the major examples of how your market is changing and how sales training is one of the most effective ways to keep up-to-speed to maximize your success.

According to a Chicago Tribune article on keeping sales skills sharp, persistence and personality simply aren't enough to make the sale. It requires constant professional growth, too.

And a tighter belt on finances across the nation makes HVAC sales more challenging. It's more important than ever to sharpen up your skills to come out on top. HVAC sales training doesn't have to be a yearlong series of on-site courses that can get expensive for your company. Seasoned and new salespeople can train online via webinars and/or e-learning courses.

Tell us: When was the last time your sales team was trained on today's tough economy tactics?

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