Help your HVAC customers prevent theft

Your HVAC customers need more than maintenance and energy-efficient systems. They also need a way to secure that expensive piece of equipment that keeps them, or patrons and employees of their business, comfortable year-round.

Offering anti-theft items to keep your customers' HVAC system secure is a great extra that they'll be glad they invested in.

Why do people steal air conditioning units?

Copper prices have skyrocketed, and stealing and reselling copper pipe and tubing from air conditioning systems is made easier because the coils simply fold up and there's no way for anyone to tell that the pieces were stolen, according to All Quality Heating, Air & Refrigeration.

How do I help my customers take preventative measures?

Some customers, whether they've called on you for maintenance or to install a new energy-efficient HVAC system, will probably need a cage and/or alarm to prevent spending even more money to replace a stolen system down the road. Offer this option on every service call, and be ready to install it quickly and efficiently.

It's another money maker for your business that will leave your customers feeling completely cared for.

Tell us: How has offering HVAC system safety items helped drive your business?

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