Hiring Family Do's and Don'ts

Hiring family can either make or break a business. But what it really boils down to is whether or not you think this decision is best in serving your customers.

According to a USA Today article, employees with a personal connection to the boss are usually more committed to the company.

Bringing in relatives can also give a sense of camaraderie within the work place. But before appointing someone you're related to, be a realist and think about the worst case scenario and how you would handle it.

If you are thinking about hiring family or have already done so, here are some guidelines to remember:

1. Maintain open communication.

Determine common goals with your family member. Do this with every employee.

2. Set goals and expectations early.

Follow up consistently and debrief to keep the air clear.

3. Keep it separate.

From clock in to clock out, your family member is an employee of the company. Treat them equally to their fellow employees (i.e., recognizing good work or addressing problems and concerns).

4. Be open about nepotism.

Be honest with the rest of your employees so they don't feel inadequate.

5. Don't just go over your expectations with the hired family member during the hiring process.

Management should meet with workers regularly to minimize misunderstandings in the workplace.

6. If things go awry, you may need to have a heart to heart with the hired family member.

7. Don't forget about the ethics involved in your company when it comes to hiring family.

Are there restrictions or guidelines to follow when hiring relatives? Do your research.

Tell us: What do you think could make or break a family business relationship?

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