Homeowner Speak (Say This, Not That)

From talking price to closing the deal, follow this "say this, not that" guide to perfecting your sales pitch and communicating with homeowners.

By Dave Nichols, Training Manager for HVAC Learning Solutions

Giving a sales presentation in a customer's home can be like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. Everything depends on choosing the correct communication style based on your customer’s responses, while working to make the sale and meet your sales goals.

The topic: Business competitors

Say this: If the customer asks about your competitors and how you compare to them, say that you don't know what everybody else does, but what you can talk about is how you and your company offer these specific things. That gives you an opportunity to tell the customer what makes your company qualified and unique.

Not that: Avoid discussing your competition. Even if your customer brings it up, never go negative on your competition. It'll just end up reflecting poorly on you.

The topic: Price

Say this: You want to be upfront about pricing, but the key is to talk about it as an investment in the customer's home, family, and comfort. Stay positive and assume that you already have this sale, saying things like, "When we decide on which equipment we're going to install in your home ..." This basically tells the customer they're going to buy from you without actually saying it.

Not that: When you use the word "price," that's all the customer is going to focus on. Using the word "investment" means you're looking at the bigger picture.

The topic: Closing the Sale

Say this: Take control of the sale and create a sense of urgency to help the customer move along in the purchase process. When you get to the point of closing, tell the customer, "I can do the install Monday or Tuesday. Which works best for you?"

Not that: Saying, "When would you like us to do this install?" doesn't tie anything down. It's too open-ended and doesn't put that positive pressure on the customer.

Adapting your pitch based on these scripts will allow you greater opportunities to meet your customer's needs and close the sale.

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