How computer savvy saves your job

Being computer savvy is a field service standard, and even the best technicians can hold everyone back by not knowing the basics.

No fear, though. An experienced technician can learn new tricks through training and a few of these tips:

1. Built-in basics courses.
The training program you already use may have a few courses on computer basics, such as the Microsoft suite or using Excel for residential reports. You may discover things you didn't know how to do in just a short 30-minute online course.

2. Tablet training at the local technology store.
For tablet users, your local technology store (i.e., Apple, BestBuy) may offer simple training on a tablet's features. If not, ask a salesperson how to use the product's features.

3. Tag-team with a salesperson.
Hop in the company vehicle with salespeople. They will have already prepared a digital presentation for customers, and if hands-on learning suits your style, simply watch them work.

The basis of customer service is essentially knowing how to fix problems. Learning how to use technology to your advantage will only ease the process.

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