How do you know you lost a customer?


If there's one thing we know about the modern customer, it's that they make their primary buying decisions based on word-of-mouth referrals. So when it comes to good and bad customer experiences alike, your chances of the story spreading throughout the customer's community, PTA group, or social media networks is pretty high - which means if you've lost one customer, you've probably just lost a lot more.

So how do you know you've lost a customer? And how do you prevent it from happening? Cover your bases with these four tips:

  1. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Calling your customer post-service call does three things. First, it shows you view them as a customer and not just another unit or wallet. Secondly, it shows them your outstanding work ethic. And lastly, it helps you gain insight into whether they're still a customer. If they didn't answer, had negative feedback, or worse, it's time to kick it up to high gear and try to recover from a negative experience. 
  2. Don't just maintain customers, retain customers. Sure, showing up on time, being friendly, and getting the job done are part of customer maintenance. But going above and beyond for the sake of retaining the customer is key. Something as small as a handwritten note to thank them for their continued loyalty, or even to recognize their birthday, will prove exponentially rewarding.
  3. Perform monthly checks of your customer database. The more familiar you are with your customers, the more familiar they will be with you. If you perform a monthly check of your customer database, you can keep a pulse on the status of their system and follow-ups, as well as reminders for maintenance and service of their units.
  4. Remember-the customer may not always be correct, but the customer is always right. It's an unfortunate truth that some customers will just never be happy. Just remember that you are both an expert in the field and a guest in their home, so be kind, courteous, and treat them with respect, regardless of the situation at hand.

From going the extra mile to being kind and courteous and performing your work with a smile, customer retention is a key factor to the success of your growing business. If you perform these four simple steps, you will be on your way to improving your customer experience and your word-of-mouth reputation in no time.

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