How "Full of It" Are You?

Documentation is a crucial, yet forgotten step in any inspection/repair. Most technicians arrive on site, perform the necessary duties and move onto their next job, without documenting anything. Believe it or not, if technicians were to take a minimum of two minutes to document their work after each job, every aspect of their HVAC business would improve.

Documentation is important for three reasons:

1)   If a customer purchases a maintenance agreement, congratulations, you have secured future HVAC maintenance jobs with a customer. However, if you fail to document the work performed at one service job, how will you know what needs to be done in the next service job? Documentation will ensure that all technicians will be on the same page if they get sent to different jobs.

2)   You create records for each client. If you document little things (such as personal details) beyond what service was performed, you are on the path for establishing a relationship with the client. When you put in the effort to know your client and know their HVAC systems, you will then know what products/services to suggest to them in the future. Fostering relationships with your clients will ensure client loyalty and a business with longevity.

It helps organize all levels of business. If technicians document their work, the salespeople, managers and upper-level staff can be made aware of what is going on each day. The records technicians make will be utilized within every division of business. Get the tools you can't live without.

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